Have you always dreamed of having a soul tribe of like minded individuals all helping each other become the best versions of themselves? It's finally here!



"The Spiritual Mid-Wives/Bros are a group of people - a modern day tribe - who support one another as each unfolds into the truest versions of themselves here on the earth plane. Each person commits to seeing the light in one another and becomes the midwife/bro, lovingly supporting that infinite potential and pure love into become greater and greater expanded versions of itself. Together we expand in light, love, abundance, success and joy as we inspire others to do the same. We commit to seeing only the best in each other and our world and through our organic connection we evolve together, laugh together and grow together."

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  • Build deep connections with other spiritual like-minded individuals.
  • Feel deeply and unconditionally loved just for being you.
  • Grow in your spiritual practice through practicing principals of A Course In Miracles and other spiritual laws of the universe.
  • Receive spiritual support and encouragement as you shed layers of your "story" and realize your true potential.
  • Learn how to hold sacred space for others to process and feel empowered by your beingness.
  • Practice speaking your truth and sharing authentically in a non-judgemental environment.
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Host an Open House!

Want to sample what it's all about? Gather a group of friends (or strangers;) and Spiritual Midwife Founder, Christina Courtney will come show you the ropes and facilitate your first meeting! You're going to love experiencing this ultra supportive environment. Contact Christina for more details.


We're more than just a group of like minded individuals. In addition to the intimate groups and open house experience, we also enjoy social gatherings where we connect in a fun, supportive and loving environment! Join our community and come to the next beach gathering or game night!

Downloadable Resources

SM Fact Sheet
SM Opening Meditation
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